I think today I will go on FR forums to get some help with pricing mah baby dragons. I don`t know yet which of them I will keep for myself but some of them will be sold despite my liking them %c


This is Yolk. She hatched today(as well as three other ones) She is white basic/black seraph/lemon underbelly baby mirror and she looks like an egg < u >


when i rp large and there`s a choice to be one the “good” or “bad” side i always choose bad.or neutral as possible.my OCs are usually not bad but i put them there anyway.I dunno maybe I just want to show that everything depends on the point of view. It is not necessary to be evil even if you are on the “bad” side.If you lived most of the life as a part of “baddies” without seeing other possibilities you won`t even know that you are considered “bad”. also that “bad” would most likely viewed by you as “good” for a lot of reasons.because you`ve been brought up with “evil” norms and you`ve been told that it is the only and best waythat it is good for you and those like you,et cetera. Same goes for the “good”. You can be on the side of oh-godly powers and still be an fucking asshole. Also the “light” which can also be viewed as “order” can be much more corrupted with its system of keeping the order. And have much mo strict and horrible interrogation systems because WE CAN`T LET ANYONE IN WHO`D RUIN OUR PEACE AND ORDER. Each medal got two sides.

"Evil" one can sacrifice themself so their friends, loved ones and kids could stay safe. "Good" ones can abandon everyone for their egoistic reasons and to keep their reputation "clean". Evils can save people not only because all the living things are needed to empower their force but also because they are living things and additional deaths were not planned,so evils save citizens. Holy paladines could decapitate the same town/village/whatever whole because everthing where “evil” passed through could be also considered evil and corrupted.

tldr; My point is that even if you are on the dark side it doesn`t make you automatically evil or bad. Light side also is not perfect.


They are just so many @H@ So see them!






Photo Set

Why hello! I came back from the first part of hiatus and I did draw a thing or two UuU;; Like trolls and my hoomanised dragons 8U


yondamoegi сказал(а): Eggos don’t hatch until you push the button once more. Good luck with your field practice! I will miss you.

I will miss you too! Also I know about them eggs just they would`ve been hatched tomorrow(and my hatched mirrors be ready to breed) and i just won`t have any internet connection >Д< it is much more pain than having like three more pushes to hatch the eggos. Btw,good luck with your exams!










interrupting your tumblr dashboard to give you pokemon trainer x [game here]

It looked fun so I 

oh my GOD this is so cute. i love … pink. who is this cute. 

done it too oh man



BLOGGER TRASH wants to fight!


the most boring looking trainer in existence



But where are my manry eyebrows? ;C

Red suspenders,yes,good

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Tomorrow I leave for a huge hiatus(not as long as the one i had tho). And actually it is a double-hiatus.Here are the dates of when you MOST LIKELY WON`T ENCOUNTER ME:

JUNE 23 - JULY 7 & JULY 15 - JULY 26

non-related stuff:

tidal trouble broke on me in the middle of the game and so i couldn`t get enough money for clown primary gene %c so i got upset and wasted all my money on buying seraph. Seafoam doesn`t really go well with any wing patterns(eyespot and seraph at least) as it becomes way too green. Life is pain as I got five eggos that will hatch tomorrow and I most likely will not see it.As no internet on the field practice.Most likely




That`s why people with salad look so fucking happy on stock photos

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The music when scout attempts to convince spy to help him score a date with Pauling in the Expiration Date short film

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Photo Set


practice safe sex kids

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If you want to draw them, draw them!

Guess I will put them to the other blog though e-o just in case